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Welcome to the website of Richard Glazier, award-winning pianist, narrator, documentary filmmaker and a leading authority on American Popular Song.

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Every artist has an epiphany.  For classically-trained, award-winning pianist Richard Glazier, it happened at age nine, when he saw the film “Girl Crazy” with music and lyrics by George & Ira Gershwin. He was so excited by the music he heard, he was prompted to write a fan letter to famed lyricist Ira Gershwin. After corresponding with each other for three years, Gershwin invited his young friend, then 12, to meet him in Beverly Hills. During their visit, Ira asked Glazier to play a Gershwin tune on the piano that once belonged to his brother, legendary composer George Gershwin. Fueled by Ira's encouragement and interest, Glazier dedicated himself to the Gershwin repertoire and the American Popular Songbook, eventually becoming one of the genre's leading authorities.

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What Critics Are Saying About Richard Glazier

"It was his engrossing performance of the signature piece 'Rhapsody in Blue' that highlighted the concert. He gave a commanding performance, delicate and powerful."

– Indianapolis Star